Improvising a style all his own, Steve uses elements akin to fumage(a rare fire painting medium), pyrography, and woodworking to create wildly imaginative work. He blends a series of images and scenes based on a related topic/theme into a collage that keeps your eyes searching and mind thinking deeper.

After not creating artistically in over twenty years, a series of tragedies and hardships at the end of 2022 left Steve desperately needing a way out of the dark place his mind and soul had been dragged to. Art literally saved his life. Once the surge of creativity started, it flipped a switch that ignited a passion he thought was all but impossible to resurrect. Obsession is the only way to describe his new-found want and need to make art…and it hasn’t stopped-but grows exponentially each day.

This ambition has been met with good fortune and opportunities have been coming non-stop. Steve has turned this singularly unique medium into a performance art. With fire shaping and tools buzzing-crowds gather to watch him char, sand, etch, and cinge along to the music playing. He has a weekly residency at Esmerelda’s Coctail Lounge, performs at lounges, clubs, music/street festivals, and private parties.

Consignment and commissioned work are available with a concentration on personalized art tailored to the subject given. Scheduling and inquiries can be sent to AriesSon42 on instagram