Chinatown-Cermak Red Line CTA Sign

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Chicago's Cermak-Chinatown CTA red line stop greets guests with the scent of delicious food, traditional and contemporary architecture, and the promise of a new experience with each visit. Whether you're stopping for Dim Sum at Cai, lunch at Joy Yee, borrowing books at the Chinatown branch of the Chicago Public Library, or heading to Ping Tom Memorial Park to watch the Dragon Boat Race, Chinatown will hold a special place in your heart. And if you like, in your home with a Cermak-Chinatown CTA print.

Print measures 35"x9"

Framing Options: Hand-pulled print mounted to wood and framed $125 -(Shown in item photo) The print is mounted to a piece of locally reclaimed wood and sealed with polyurethane, making it perfect for every room in your house. Prints ordered with this option will have a more rustic look similar to wheat paste graffiti seen around Chicago.

Professionally framed $165 -The print is professionally framed with matting, a Nielson Bainbridge metal frame, and UV filtering acrylic glass.