State/Lake Red Line CTA Sign

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One of the busiest stops during weekday rush hour, Chicagoans know the Stake/Lake CTA red line stop well. Connecting to four other train lines in the city, and conveniently placed close to the Chicago River, the State/Lake CTA red line stop is a staple in a Chicagoan's life. Take a piece of your commute home with a State/Lake CTA red line sign.

Print measures 35"x9"

Framing Options: Hand-pulled print unframed $65 Mounted to wood and framed $125 -(Shown in item photo) The print is mounted to a piece of locally reclaimed wood and sealed with polyurethane, making it perfect for every room in your house. Prints ordered with this option will have a more rustic look similar to wheat paste graffiti seen around Chicago.

Professionally framed $165 -The print is professionally framed with matting, a Nielson Bainbridge metal frame, and UV filtering acrylic glass.