Wilson Red Line CTA Sign

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Historic Uptown is where you'll find the Wilson CTA red line stop. A mix of contemporary and traditional Chicago elements make this slice of the city unique, with specialty shops, classic architecture, and it's brought together with Truman College right in the center for students to expand their education and help the city continue to thrive. Bring a piece of Chicago Uptown pride to your home with a Wilson CTA print. (35”x9”)


Framing Options: Hand-pulled print mounted to wood and framed $125 -(Shown in item photo) The print is mounted to a piece of locally reclaimed wood and sealed with polyurethane, making it perfect for every room in your house. Prints ordered with this option will have a more rustic look similar to wheat paste graffiti seen around Chicago.

Professionally framed $165 -The print is professionally framed with matting, a Nielson Bainbridge metal frame, and UV filtering acrylic glass.